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Bible Studies

Below are some Bible studies that Moreland Christian Church has created. They can be used for personal or small group study. If you would like to purchase a hard copy of any of the studies please contact the church.

Discovering the Good News of Jesus Christ

This study takes you through the Bible to show why God created us, what has happened to us since that time and why Jesus Christ came to us about 2000 years ago. It is a straightforward explanation of the Christian faith.

Water Baptism

One of the first acts of obedience to Jesus Christ for the new Christian is water baptism. This short Bible study explains the meaning of water baptism and also contains a frequently asked questions section.

The Lord's Supper

This Bible study looks at the Old and New Testament background of the Lord’s Supper, and why and how we should take it. It also contains a frequently asked questions section.


This Bible study looks at one of the most challenging spiritual disciplines for a Christian... fasting! We hope that by completing this study you will not only know why and how to fast, but be encouraged to do so regularly.

Who is God?

There are many ideas of who God is. This Bible study looks at God's identity and covers such things as his personal name, titles, attributes and his existence as the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). It also has a frequently asked questions section.

5 Important Promises

God gives us many promises in the Bible. This study looks at five of these promises, which he has given to Christians to help them be certain of their salvation and its blessings.

Drugs and the Bible

Drugs and the Bible looks at how several Biblical principles can help us in deciding which drugs should or should not be used. It also contains brief descriptions of commonly used drugs in our society and simple steps you can take if you've done the wrong thing.

Love, Sex, Relationships and the Bible

This Bible study looks at God's standards for love, sex and relationships and deals with issues such as pornography. It also contains some simple steps you can take if you've done the wrong thing. This study is primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults but can be used by any age group.

Important Differences Between the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church and Biblical Teaching

What are the important differences that separate the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church from a large part of the rest of the Christian church? This booklet compares what these churches believe and teach about several fundamental, spiritual life and death issues with what God has revealed in his written Word - the Bible.

Bible Reading Plans

To read the entire Bible in one year, you need to read an average of 3-4 chapters per day. These yearly Bible reading plans will help you keep track in accomplishing this goal, as you read the most important book in the world. Download the yearly reading plan you prefer, and print it on both sides of a single A4 sheet; then fold it in half so it fits neatly into your Bible.

This yearly Bible reading plan starts from the first book of the Bible (Genesis) and works its way through to the last book (Revelation). You can also choose to start from any book of the Bible and use the plan to guide you.

This yearly Bible reading plan has daily readings from both the Old and New Testaments, completing both Testaments at the same time.

Gospel Tracts


Gospel Tract in the English language.


Gospel Tract designed for young children.


Gospel Tract in the Arabic language.


Gospel Tract in the Chinese-Mandarin language.


Gospel Tract in the Italian language.


Gospel Tract in the Sinhalese language.

Tiếng Việt

Gospel Tract in the Vietnamese language.